We proactively build relationships of trust and respect with our player - they know that we care about their best interests, and that we will support them and their future dreams, independent of their skill level. They know that we care for them as individuals. We provide a sense of community, an expectation of discipline and an atmosphere of love. We make ourselves available by email, text message, and phone, so our players know that they can always call their coach.

Please help us keep Steady Buckets free and open to all boys and girls. Your donation allows us to provide the gift of basketball to hundreds of New York City youth.


Here Are Some Ways That Your Donation Helps Us To Continue To Provide Steady Buckets As A Free Service To The Youth of NYC

$25 - buys a new basketball

$50 - rents one hour of gym space

$150 - buys SB uniforms for one team

$250 - buys one ticket to our 5th Annual Ballers Benefit 

$750 - provides one SB player an entire year of basketball training

$5,000 - buys one robotic ball return machine from www.shootaway.com