Steady Buckets Mission Statement

Team Steady Buckets is committed to helping boys and girls in New York City achieve athletic, academic and personal success through basketball. Read More

Skill Development

What makes Team Steady Buckets unique is our focus on each player’s overall development. Our goal is to prepare our players for future success off as well as on the court. Because we encourage our players to take chances, skill development is designed to reach beyond their comfort zone. For example, by requiring right-handed players to use their left hands, we teach that failure is often a necessary element of improvement. The values of hard work, discipline, goal-setting, risk-taking and honest self-evaluation collectively provide a strong foundation for achievement in life as well as basketball.


Education is critical to all future success. At Team Steady Buckets, academics are integrated with basketball fundamentals. For example, we conduct post-game reviews in a classroom setting, and teach the skill of proper note taking. Our weekday workouts are combined with a mandatory homework hour. With additional funding, we plan to begin an SAT preparation class for our high school players, and one-on-one tutoring for all players who need extra help. Our goal is to encourage each player to be invested in his or her academic success.

Self Respect

Winning is not the only way to acquire self respect. At Team Steady Buckets, we believe personal accountability is the cornerstone to individual development. We teach our players to admit to, and then learn from, their mistakes, both off and on the court. We help them set goals, and teach them to work hard to achieve those goals without fear of failure. By doing so, we build character and confidence in our players.


Community is the “team” in Team Steady Buckets. We provide free programming seven days a week at various locations throughout downtown Manhattan. Our players come from all five boroughs and beyond, and from a wide variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds. We provide a safe environment for boys and girls, ages 4 to 18, whether new to basketball or an established player. Together, they learn to understand and respect differences while pursuing a common goal.

Out Work ‘Em!

Our mantra is basic: preparation, determination, and dedication to the task breeds success. Our program insures that our players learn this lesson and practice it on a daily basis.

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