Steady Buckets Philosophy

Steady Buckets core focus is on the long-term and holistic development of the individual. This is accomplished through active participation in a safe but physically and mentally demanding program. Success is measured not in wins or losses, but rather in each player’s ability to continue to elevate themselves to the next level, as players, as leaders and as members of their communities.

By focusing on the individual, we are able to accommodate a diverse range of players. Our student players include everyone from the casual player, to the highly motivated and talented learner who dreams of an NCAA scholarship and beyond.

The SB approach is in stark contrast to other basketball programs, which generally fall into two categories: (1) those that focus on winning at the expense of individual development or (2) those that focus on the individual but do so in a less rigorous and demanding way that ultimately compromises individual development.


Steady Buckets is an innovative basketball skills acquisition, physical fitness and life skills development program for boys and girls ages 4-18 in the greater New York City area. The program’s objective is to develop hard working, resilient, empathetic and confident individuals who will make a positive contribution to their communities Free of charge, Steady Buckets (SB), is open to all children who are willing to work hard to maximize their potential.

Head Coach Macky Bergman and Board Chair Barry Weiss founded SB in 2011. Under their leadership and that of Assistant Coach Elvin “Lefty” Torres, SB has grown – without advertising – to over 600 players.


One of our great strengths is our vibrant and diverse community. 60% of our children are from lower income families. Virtually every ethnic group is represented. Girls – which today comprise 15% of our community – are our fastest growing group.

The rich, diverse nature of our community – unparalleled in the basketball world, which is concentrated by talent or wealth – is yet another foundation for developing the character of our players. To be successful in our program, kids have to learn to engage and partner with their peers from all ethnic and socio-economic walks of life.

We pro-actively build relationships of trust and respect with our players - they know that we care about their best interests and that we will support them and their future dreams independent of their skill level. They know that we care for them as individuals and aren’t using them for personal gain. We provide a sense of community, an expectation of discipline and an atmosphere of love. We make ourselves available by email, txt message and phone calls so our players know they can always call their coach.

Parents are also active participants in the Steady Buckets community – they help with everything from cleaning-up after practices to fundraising.

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