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Coach Macky's 2016 Speech

 Thank you all so much for being here!
It’s an honor to stand here in front of so many familiar faces. 
For 5 years now, this event and your support has served as the fuel that drives Steady Buckets.  Financially yes, we need your generosity and support, but it is also your trust and emotional support that continuously motivate me to make SB always better!
This year has marked some major accomplishments. We have secured the spectacular Clinton Gym as a home base and purchased three state of the art shooting machines. We’ve grown our 6U and Girls only program, which are so beautifully represented in the photos you see tonight. 
When Yale beat Baylor in the NCAA tournament, Thomas Ryan became the first SB player to appear in the NCAA National tournament and the first to win a game! Next year, when Cal Freundlich joins the Davidson Mens basketball team, he will be the first SB player in the A10 conference.  
SB players have appeared in the major motion picture 'Wolves', which premiered at the Tribeca film festival and Olympic Gold medalist Ruth Riley gave us her endorsement stating that “the world needs more programs like this!”
As Head Coach and Program Director, I’ve approached Steady Buckets like I approached practice when I was a player.  I’ve embodied our mantra “Out Work Em” and showed up to the gym everyday with the goal of improving. 
Improving at anything involves developing new skills, may it be basketball, reading, math, music, communication or working as a team.  It involves lots of hard work, but also an honest assessment of your current situation, a plan to account for your weaknesses and a vision of what you’d one day like to become.  It takes an immense amount of energy, patience, fortitude, and sacrifice to improve. Most of all it takes love!
As a player, that love is defined by the sweet sound the ball makes when its swishes through the net, or taking a hard foul and looking up from the floor as the ball trickles in for an 'and-1'.  And it's love that drives us to keep pushing when our body tells us to quit. It's this love that makes my college teammates my brothers and makes basketball fans around the world one big family.
There is another love that unites all of us here tonight and that is the love for children.  Steady Buckets is about becoming better on the court, but it is also about learning lessons and developing self confidence, about respecting others and developing leadership skills.  These are the qualities that will carry our kids to success and happiness throughout their lives.
Basketball is a perfect sport to teach life skills and the qualities that make for a strong player also make strong students and strong leaders.  
Ball handling teaches the importance of protecting valuable assets.
Shooting teaches self confidence, focus and the ability to block out everything in the universe except what matters most.
Passing stresses the importance of trusting others and the ability to think about what is best for the team.
Defense and rebounding promote the importance of doing things you may not love, and that you won't get much credit for, but in the end matter more than anything else.
Hustle teaches selflessness and pride.
Competitiveness pushes us to demand nothing but our personal best, and
Sportsmanship teaches us how to control our emotions and see the bigger picture. 
Another aspect of SB that cannot be overlooked is our inclusiveness and diversity.  In a time when politicians speak of building walls and aim to scare us, divide us and profit off of hate, SB teaches our youth how much we all have in common and builds friendships between children who may otherwise have never met.
I am so proud of all of our SB student-athletes who embody these qualities.  
The future is bright and I promise you tonight that this year, thanks to your support, will be our best year yet!
Thank you so much for being a part of the SB community and making this wonderful program a reality.
Thank you.